Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

Again and Again

Helloo I'm back..

How are you?

First I wanna say so sorry I just meet you (blog) when I've confusion. Emm I just can't face it all by myself.
When I try hard to forget it all I just get myself sink in a blue hole :((
I believe that Allah always accompany me, always give all the best for me even it's far from everything that I want.
NO! I realize. Now I realize. I'm not strong girl. I'm not.
Maybe some people think that I'm strong. But it just the cover !
To face this situation I need some special attention.
I need someone who can listen me, who can care me, who can give the time to me.
To tell him all of my pain. To tell him if I was sick.
If someone has given you attention, shown you the affection and made you fun everytime. After it, he blew you down. Left you and nothing he said. CAN YOU FEEL IT?
If your friends haven't trusted you and hide everything from you !! You know it from others. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO ??
If you never be known. Never be expected. You just a shadow. Shadow who just can hide behind they are. Just can laugh between theirs but from the different sight you just like a shadows. Dark and invisible.
 If you feel so tired. So need a chance. Need to ask. But you can't speak it. You just can hide it away.