Minggu, 17 November 2013

Q & A

Haha abis blogwalking nemu ginian deh, jadi terinspirasi buat sekedar ngisi keusangan blog ini pasca ditinggal tuannya 8 bulan yg lalu -_-
Let's play the game !!!

A. No. I'm actually taken since October 5th 2013 
B. In pont of fact, I won't remember it. Some years ago I totally loved my birthday, before that accident. May, 27th.
C. I've crush with Skandar Keynes, Louis Tomlinson, my unyuist bebun wkwk
D. Water. Plain water. I love water! 
E. My best (enemies) friends ? My teletubes? My fantastic four! Haha
F. Just love most movie I've ever seen. 
G. Dreaming, lying, make trouble, annoying. Aaah I don't have anything proud me >.< I think I'm a stronger girl, but I'm not :")
H. Black!
I. In love with all of Allah's creatures
J. People who can travelling, go to the wonderful place, everywhere they want go.
K. My little brother
L. I'll love my family all of my life. That's the longest
M. Dunno :? haha
N. 9, 53, 27. If you could know how crazy I love that.
O. Always being happy and grateful for my simple life. Everything happen I just face it with my happiness smile.
P. My boyfriend ^^
Q. Why it's too hard to be totally happy?
R. You!
S. Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
T. 4.45 am
U. My fav one is colored blue lagoon.
V. Tawuran! Bullying!
W. Know the bad fact
X. Never love someone from the past who ever hurt.me Never!
Y. Y is my boyfriend initial kwkwk *abaikan* Last week, him.
Z. I prefer zebra. But sometime being tiger is something funny, I think.

Well done.. I spent 30 minutes more for answer those questions. Hahaha Goodnight everyone.

Minggu, 30 Juni 2013

Sunshine Becomes You (Recommended)

Helo I'm back.
Do you know Ilana Tan? Yes, sure. She is a  famous writer. She has written tetralogy of 4 Seasons and that has been best seller book category. Last time I read her another book. The title is Sunshine Becomes You.    
Everybody know that Ilana Tan has a magic skill to arrange words. When I read this book I feel like I'm watching movie. Haha lol.

Okay now I wanna tell you about her another book, Sunshine Becomes You.
The book was tell us about Sincerity of Love. All of her book  surely tell about it. Okey check it out

Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

The Little Princess (recommended)

Hai bloggers ;)
I hope that all of you have fun now :p Live is too short to sadness.
Oh I remember. I'll talk you about the book that I've read last week. The book is The Little Princess and wrtitten by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

The book was tell us about Sara Crew's life. Sara Crew was the little girl from India and she still 7 years old. She was the only one daughter of Captain Crew. Captain Crew was very love her. He never leave her alone. They have been fun together in their big house in India. FYI Captain Crew was very very rich.

But someday Captain Crew got command from his boss to defended his country, England in World War 1. He scared if anything unwanted happen to Sara. So He brought Sara to Mrs. Minchin Hostel in London. He trusted that Sara would be fine there.

Sara got the best service there. Her room was very big and there are a lot of funny things. His Dad also bought her the expensive clothes.

She was too pampered by her Dad. Mrs. Minchin was very hate her, moreover Sara ever made her ashame on French lesson. But Mrs. Minchin always be kind with her because her Dad was very rich and She thought that Captain Crew can pay expensive to her hostel.

Sara Crew had an good attitude. She can very wise and think like adult. She likes telling story to her friends. She used her imajinations whenever. She imaginate that she was a Princess. A Princess is never angry, elegant, and wise. So, she always act like a Princess.

Everybody like her so much. Her friends often ask her to tell the new stories everyday.

Sara had some best friend.  The first is Ermengarde. She was a girl of smart Daddy. His Dad demand her to be a smart girl too. But she can't. Finally Princess Sara want to help her to study. The second is Lottie. She was very very resentment girl. She always whine to get people's attention. When she was whine she always loud that she hasn't a mom. He loud it along and made Mrs. Minchin and Mrs. Amalia (Mrs. Minchin's sister) was painful. Nah..Sara could make her stop whining and Sara tell her if Sara will be her new mom. And then is Becky.  Becky was a lackey of Mrs. Minchin Hostel. She was so poor. She lived in garret. Becky always clean up all of students room. When she cleaned Sara's room, Sara usually give her some biskuit.

Everybody like her. When she was 11 years old, Mrs.Minchin made the big party. Very big very glorious.
But suddenly Mrs.Minchin got a news. Sara's Dad was died. He became very poor. And he left many debt in the Hostel.

Mrs.Minchin was very mad, angry, and pain. She stopped the party and broke Sara's room. Put all of Sara's thing. Sara just given an old clothes that too small to her. Mrs.Minchin moved Sara to garret and made her lackey too as Becky.

Since that time, Sara's life was very poor. She dont have any clothes. But she always imaginate that she still live like before. It made her strong.
And finally she found that she had a new neighbour. They are the big family. They come from India like her. AND who are they????
Haha you must read this book ! ;)

Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

Again and Again

Helloo I'm back..

How are you?

First I wanna say so sorry I just meet you (blog) when I've confusion. Emm I just can't face it all by myself.
When I try hard to forget it all I just get myself sink in a blue hole :((
I believe that Allah always accompany me, always give all the best for me even it's far from everything that I want.
NO! I realize. Now I realize. I'm not strong girl. I'm not.
Maybe some people think that I'm strong. But it just the cover !
To face this situation I need some special attention.
I need someone who can listen me, who can care me, who can give the time to me.
To tell him all of my pain. To tell him if I was sick.
If someone has given you attention, shown you the affection and made you fun everytime. After it, he blew you down. Left you and nothing he said. CAN YOU FEEL IT?
If your friends haven't trusted you and hide everything from you !! You know it from others. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO ??
If you never be known. Never be expected. You just a shadow. Shadow who just can hide behind they are. Just can laugh between theirs but from the different sight you just like a shadows. Dark and invisible.
 If you feel so tired. So need a chance. Need to ask. But you can't speak it. You just can hide it away.

Selasa, 15 Januari 2013


Saya baru sempet blogging nih. Mau nge-post tentang Persami kemarin, tanggal 12 Januari 2013. Hehe
Iya pas tanggal 11, malemnya, dapet sms dari temen kalo ditugasin jaga persami gitu. FYI saya gini-gini anak PMR loh...walaupun udah sering nggak aktif mhehe -.-v
Berhubung dapet tugas, akhirnya saya jalanin aja deh. Bantu-bantu gitu setelah sekian lama saya menghilang dari organisasi saya. (Sekali lagi peace :v). Rencana awal sih cuma mau jaga pas pengembaraannya gitu, jadi cuman sampe dhuhur. Setelah tau di rumah ga ada orang akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk ikut nginep di sekolah. Ternyata saya kangen sama masa-masa nginep sekolah. Asik bgt deh..
Ini dia kenangan dari persami kemarin :3

Judulnya We Are The First Pos :D
Oh iya disana pembinanya bu guru baik-baik.... Masak dateng-dateng langsung beliin sarapan :3

Lagi buat pionering nih. From left (Saya, Jaka, Lofti)

Saya, Lofti, Jaka, Annisa Mahar

Saya dan April

Deni Sri. Yang paling banyak dicari adek-adek di pos pertama. Soalnya dia bagian penilaian :p

We are girl here :3
Foto sama mbak ketos ni looohhh (tengah) :D

Ini masnya kelas 3 (biru). Terus yang masnya yang item itu yang beliin kita-kita leker lohh... Baik khaaan