Minggu, 17 November 2013

Q & A

Haha abis blogwalking nemu ginian deh, jadi terinspirasi buat sekedar ngisi keusangan blog ini pasca ditinggal tuannya 8 bulan yg lalu -_-
Let's play the game !!!

A. No. I'm actually taken since October 5th 2013 
B. In pont of fact, I won't remember it. Some years ago I totally loved my birthday, before that accident. May, 27th.
C. I've crush with Skandar Keynes, Louis Tomlinson, my unyuist bebun wkwk
D. Water. Plain water. I love water! 
E. My best (enemies) friends ? My teletubes? My fantastic four! Haha
F. Just love most movie I've ever seen. 
G. Dreaming, lying, make trouble, annoying. Aaah I don't have anything proud me >.< I think I'm a stronger girl, but I'm not :")
H. Black!
I. In love with all of Allah's creatures
J. People who can travelling, go to the wonderful place, everywhere they want go.
K. My little brother
L. I'll love my family all of my life. That's the longest
M. Dunno :? haha
N. 9, 53, 27. If you could know how crazy I love that.
O. Always being happy and grateful for my simple life. Everything happen I just face it with my happiness smile.
P. My boyfriend ^^
Q. Why it's too hard to be totally happy?
R. You!
S. Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
T. 4.45 am
U. My fav one is colored blue lagoon.
V. Tawuran! Bullying!
W. Know the bad fact
X. Never love someone from the past who ever hurt.me Never!
Y. Y is my boyfriend initial kwkwk *abaikan* Last week, him.
Z. I prefer zebra. But sometime being tiger is something funny, I think.

Well done.. I spent 30 minutes more for answer those questions. Hahaha Goodnight everyone.